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MY HOUSE: The Challenge.

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Mmkayy, what's included?

Step into the "MY HOUSE Challenge," a unique Dance & Wellness experience designed to help you clean house physically and mentally, setting the stage for a new era of bliss and growth. In just one sitting (if you want!), immerse yourself in two transformative journal activities and a dynamic dance session, all crafted to invigorate your body, clear your mind, and prepare you for a fresh start. 📝 **Journal Reflection** Kick off the challenge with an introspective journal activity that guides you through reflecting on your current space and envisioning your future. These reflective prompts will help you declutter your thoughts and lay the foundation for a focused mindset. 🕺 **Expressive Dance Session:** Fuel your energy with a dynamic dance and FULL OUT dance session. This expressive dance format is designed to help you shake off the old and welcome the new, promoting a sense of freedom and joy in just one dance-filled sesh. 📓 **Journal Empowerment:** After the dance session, engage in a second journal activity to capture the emotions and energy that surfaced during the dance. Unleash your creativity and document your journey toward renewal and self-discovery. Join the "MY HOUSE Challenge" for a powerful, all-encompassing experience that doesn't take weeks and weeks to complete to feel successful. This condensed format allows you to immerse yourself fully, making it convenient to kickstart your journey towards a clean, revitalized house and a fresh new era of possibilities.

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