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Jan 15, 2023 - Jan 30, 2023

Soft Start, Big Energy: 2-Week Dance Fit Program

  • 16Days
  • 20Steps

Mmkayy, what's included?

Bawdy your goals with a soft start for the upcoming year! Don't get pressured in having to start right at the top of year with your fitness goals. Take the first couple weeks to ease in and establish routines that include self-care. Fact: You can "go hard" and live a soft life at the same time. It is all about energy. You can get to your goals without exerting all of the energy you have. It is all about energy engineering and making the things you need to do, things you crave to do (i.e. DANCING AROUND THE HOUSE for your workout). All you need is the right program, the right community, and an open mind. Got an open mind? Cool. The rest of this list is included in this program! This challenge includes: -A challenge kick off call -Daily on-demand dance fitness-based workouts -Nutrition guide & recipes -Daily affirmations -Accountability tribe: Check in calls & chat features with other challengers -A end-of-challenge toast call Class List: -Bliss Bawdy Blast: Non-stop dance cardio with routine -Bliss Bawdy Burn: Strength training classes with intermission dance parties! -Bliss Bawdy Chair: Chair dance! -Bliss Bawdy Party: Non-stop dance cardio with mini follow-along routines -Abs & Affirmations: Core training for your physical and mental core. You can start 2023 with a soft start and STILL bawdy your goals for the month! Let's get it bae!

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